thought i’d gone completely away and abandoned my project, didn’t ya?  yeah… i did too.

so just a few words about this journey:  2 months ago, my computer was stolen.  right from behind my back at starbucks, can you believe it?  me neither.  but, there it is.  an event worth writing about.  so, it’s been all about gathering back my stuff, getting a stand-in computer (thanks, melissa and daniel!), and getting back on track.  oh, and i went to indonesia for 3 weeks.

so where are we now on the road to elaris?  refining the story, folks.  it’s all about the story.

here’s a tid bit we might not all know:  our main character, laneupi, falls in love with a new employee at the elaris company named “mark.”  guess who else did when she was in high school?

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laneupi is torn about joining the elaris corporation

this is the scene i’ve drawn a million times.  it needs to set the tone of the entire story, so her face, the composition, and the colors need to evoke the element of fantasy, as well as the moment of anguish and self-persuasion that’s taking place.  lots of convey, no?

but it will be fun to design all the toiletries and such that go on the vanity below the mirror.

some thoughts i had once about anue, sirch, and laneupi.  what’s going on with this scan?

do you like how sirch stands like a girl?  i need to work on drawing men…

so some annoying people said i should have a blog about my project of 10 years.  nooooo~!  but here it is, a complicated artistic mess:

this is laneupi elaris, the daughter of mr. and mrs. elaris, CEO and CFO of the elaris organization, which is a family-run real estate development company that exists in a universe different from the one earth is in.